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Follow These Simple Steps To Get Healthy Skin

Follow These Simple Steps To Get Healthy Skin

In terms of maintaining healthy skin, the process can sometimes be hard to decipher. Luckily, just a few simple ideas can go a long way. Use these ideas to help you get great-looking skin.

Make sure your gloves and socks are dry prior to wearing. Wet gloves and socks can really irritate the skin and cause cracking or itching, and can even cause eczema to flare up.

Do not drink alcohol if you want your skin to stay healthy. It is okay to have one a day, but remember that alcohol makes pores larger, and it leaves excess oil on the skin. Reducing alcohol consumption will help with your appearance and breakouts.

Moisturizer is still important on oily skin. After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizing product. After allowing the product to absorb into the skin, you can then apply your cosmetics. You may feel like your skin doesn’t need any moisturizing, but appropriate products will help balance the oil production of the skin. If you use a cleanser that strips your skin of its natural oils, it may produce more oil to compensate for it.

Wearing sunscreen is a great help when caring for your skin. Sunlight is one of the most damaging threats to skin. Using sunscreen is a good way to combat the damage that the sun causes. Some foundations offer SPF protection too, and they are useful in protecting your facial skin from the sun.

To avoid dealing with painful hangnails, keep them moisturized well. Any lotion that contains shea butter can help you with this. It may be tempting to pick at hangnails, however it is in your best interests not to. Doing so can leave an open wound, which increases the chances of developing an infection.

One certain way to maintain your beauty is to avoid artificial tanning. Many people are under the assumption that a tan will make them appear younger, but nothing could be further from the truth. Tanning, even in a booth, causes skin damage and is linked to premature aging. So if you want to appear younger, look elsewhere.

The tips in this article have given you a great begin developing a good skin care routine. Use these ideas to achieve the skin you really want You should stop putting it off and just do it. `

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Green Tea Handmade Natural Soap

Green Tea Handmade Natural Soap

Green Tea Handmade Natural Soap

I have used green tea fragrance oil and extract to create this bar of natural olive oil soap. Unrefined shea butter, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil have been added for enrichment!

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Shiva Rose – The Local Rose – Photos by Mel Blanchard

Shiva Rose - The Local Rose - Photos by Mel Blanchard

Inside the Life of the beautiful Shiva Rose of The Local Rose

Photos by Mel Blanchard

© Mel Blanchard 2012

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winter shoot 2

winter shoot 2

After a frustrating shoot with Jenny (umbrella not arriving, triggers not working, not enough light) i actually managed to get a few ok shots.

my(new!) 430 ex ll bounced of a reflector.

struggling with photoshop a bit. trying to get the right balance between something looking vibrant but not over processed.this one is quite soft, maybe it needs to ‘pop’ a bit more! any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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What Are Fusion Weaves?

Fusion is a process in which human hair extensions are added to the ends of your natural hair strand by strand. This process is one of the most permanent forms of hair extension installation, lasting anywhere from three to six months with proper maintenance. When applying this semi-permanent weave, the stylist attaches each strand of the human hair to the end of your natural hair, extending the length and thickness of your hair.

Two Types of Fusion Applications

Hot fusion. In this technique, a hot fusion connector is used to bond the hair to the root of your natural hair. The hot fusion technique can last up to six months with proper care. This technique is best for those with strong, thick hair that can withstand the weight of both the hair and the glue.

Cold fusion The cold fusion technique uses a keratin-based polymer and ultrasound device to bond the human hair extension to the ends of your natural strand. This is a newer technique, and is more gentle to the natural follicle, preserving your natural hair and preventing damage. Many women who wear cold fusion weaves report that they have a more natural feel.

Benefits of Fusion Weaves

Unlike sewn in or bonded weaves, there are no tracks, wefts, braids or nets with a fusion weave. You can run your hands through your hair, just as you would your natural hair. The fusion weave typically lasts several months, but with proper maintenance, can last up to a year.

Human Hair for Fusion Weaves

The hair you choose for your weave is specific for the technique, and should be purchased from a reputable online retailer. Your supplier should specialize in Indian hair extensions. There are two types of extensions that you can buy for your weave. Make sure you purchase quality Indian human hair that will last for the duration of your weave.

I-tipped” or “shoelace tipped” extensions are the most commonly used type of extensions for fusion hair weaves. These strands of human hair have a tip on the end that make the bonding process possible. The keratin tips are easily removed and prevent hair damage during and after the weaving process. I-tipped extensions are most often used in cold fusion methods.

“U-tipped” or “nail tipped” extensions are made from the finest italian keratin, and allow for the easy bonding of the human hair extension to the ends of your natural hair strand. They are easily removed and don’t cause damage to the hair.

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Home health hacks Squeeze in some exercise or a home spa remedy with the great suggestions from this…

Home health hacks Squeeze in some exercise or a home spa remedy with the great suggestions from this...

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Home health hacks
Squeeze in some exercise or a home spa remedy with the great suggestions from this list!

Health Hacks for Moms – Kids Activities Blog

Time is valuable and moms are important, but often as moms it feels like we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves. If time is a precious commodity to you, maybe you will appreciate some of these health and beauty hacks that can help you be most efficient with your time. …

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11 Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’

11 Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’

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11 Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’

Quick and easy ways to add some style to your favorite go-to hairdo. 11 Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’

Ponytails are great for a lot of things; saving time in the morning, keeping hair out of your face, protecting your tresses from grabby babies. But they’re not always the most stylish option if all you do is wrap an elastic around a hastily gathered hank of hair. If you’re not willing to give up the ease and convenience of your ponytail but still want to give it a little polish, check out these 11 hacks to make it stylish without taking too much of your time.

1. Bangs. A little fringe up front makes a ponytail look like an on-purpose hairstyle rather than just a utilitarian solution to a problem.

2. Headbands. Fabric, plastic, metallic, jeweled, wooden – headbands are an easy way to bring a punch of style to a boring old pony.

3. Color. A streak of a surprising shade can amp things up, either permanently with dye or temporarily with spray or hair chalk.

4. Braids. A few messy braids add just enough interest to take your ponytail to the next level.

5. Go high. To get the look of a trendy high pony, bend over, flip your hair forward, and gather the strands together slightly higher than your crown.

6. Go low. Hair tied at the nape of the neck is easy and elegant; sweep it to one side over your shoulder and you’re perfectly posh.

7. Barrettes. Hair accessories aren’t just for little girls. To keep them more chic than cutesy, go for simple designs, natural materials, and interesting textures rather than cartoony shapes.

8. Tease the top. To give your ponytail a modern-retro shape, back-comb the top and keep the sides sleek and smooth.

9. Tease the tail. If your hair usually falls flat, tease in some texture – add dry shampoo for a bit of grit, then back-comb it into fabulous fullness.

10. Scarf. A scarf tied at the back is a great way to add style and color to your look, and worn forward over your hairline, it can also do wonders for the postpartum wispies or growing-out bangs.

11. Accessorize. Wearing statement earrings, a bold necklace, or a top with an interesting neckline or back makes your ponytail make sense.

Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’

Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’ Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’

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